How to penetrate markets at the right price!

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How to penetrate markets at the right price!

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Visual willingness to pay study via AR technology

Simulated products are presented in real size and real environment via augmented reality.

Analyze results on the application or print out a report.

DG Discovery produces benefits for product & business development


The true value for customers willingness to pay drives business model and pricing decisions that truly monetizes innovation.


Customers prioritize product features based on their perceived value and willingness to pay.


Thorough understanding of the customer willingness to pay and product feature prioritization brings clarity to investment roadmap.


Production ramp up for a product that match demand and have high margin potential.


Price, feature or no demand. Identify barriers to purchase for decision making.


Thorough understanding of the customer willingness to pay and product feature prioritization brings clarity to marketing communications and sales promotion.

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Discovery survey templates

Price and prioritization of features

Present all features on a row. Each feature will be prioritized and willingness to pay asked.

Purchase probability

Present one product, it’s features and price. Make detailed study of the purchase probability.

Ready-to-use product options

Present several ready-touse product options with alternative prices.

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Build your own product

Product features and price go hand in hand as a respondents learn and build their own products.

Immersive analytics brings clarity to your new product development

New products are smart & connected. These devices allow companies to continually upgrade and plan various value delivery options within the life cycle of the product. Drafting a device idea or it’s new feature requires deep understanding how customers prefer the idea and what is their willingness to pay for the idea.

For the purpose of making an investment decision, business management and investors need information on whether the new product or feature has been validated for the market. What is the most productive business model and what does the core of the idea look like — price, volume, value and costs

Industrial designers are used to working in the fuzzy front end of product projects, when not a lot of information is available for a future product concept. Experienced designers are able to visualize the ideas and aspirations of various professionals into product and service concepts.

Design has power, but is traditional design a blunt tool in business-critical decisions? The "artist's vision" does not include information about what the customers think about the ideas and whether they need all the product features.

The blunt tool has been sharpened with new technology and design thinking. Desigence has developed a new method for market validation. DG Discovery is based on augmented reality, industrial design and strategic pricing. Our value delivery cluster includes technology professionals and companies that are working in the new domain of immersive analytics.

Desigence delivers turn key immersive analytics projects that brings clarity to your product development!

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