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Engineering and production of industrial scale 3D printed prototypes & components.

Since January 2018 Desigence offers additive manufacturing services through industrial scale 3D printing.

Many industrial companies are happy with additive manufacturing technologies in small scale. Large scale 3D printing is less used as prints have been expensive. Fortunately there are new technologies that address critical customer needs: Big, Fast, Affordable.

That is exactly what our new service is about. The service includes new additive manufacturing technology based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). Our new printer has massive 0.9m x 0.92m x 0.7m build area. Filament throughput with two extruders is 0,32kg per hour.

Our new Large Scale 3D Printer is truly enabling.

Large dimensions

Prototyping in Large Scale

Manufacturing Low Volume 0-series Components.

Low volume device's 0-series components

Manufacturing Low Volume 0-series Components.

Manufacturing Fixtures & Jigs

Fixtures, Jigs

Manufacturing Fixtures & Jigs

Polished Prototype Manufacturing

Polished Prototype Manufacturing

The ability to explore large 3D models in real life.

Large print
More large prints
Smaller print
Printed bench

Nozzle size impact on prints

Small Extruder
Fine detail
More expensive
Coarse detail
More affordable
Large Extruder


Discussion & analysis of 3D files, materials & delivery plan. Proposed solution for unique customer needs.


Preparation of 3D files for production (one or more at a time). Production & quality control. Finishing if needed.


Packaging of manufactured items. Delivery info for customer. Aftersales services and support.

Additive Materials

Our 3D printers utilize an open platform capable of printing a wide selection of different materials.


Materials recycling policy

Additive manufacturing is based on Fused Filament Fabrication system (FFF). It enables materials recycling. We accept back all polymer materials printed by us. You can decide your recycling policy during the ordering process.


We use a 3D Platform printer

Our quality prints are made with a 3D Platform 300 series Workbench Pro printer.

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