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Got an invention or idea that is waiting to be picturized and evaluated? Need information on product pricing potential prior starting the actual R&D process?

Our DISCOVERY service provides you with a quick concept image or service demo of the invention, helps in defining its unique features and discovers how your customers value them. We even outline applicable business and pricing models and give our expert recommendations for next steps.

Discovery service

Brings global companies' state of the art innovation tools for use of StartUps and SME-companies

Innovation feature pricing and validation techniques prior actual R&D!


Our experienced team, management coaching & consulting as well as unique visual research technology generates rock solid results.


Crystallizing managers innovation vision through a workshop.

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Clear communication of the innovation's key features & product value. Understanding customer's willingness to pay for the innovation.

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Recommendation how innovation affects to company valuation, revenue and profit margin.

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Discovery benefits

Pricing decisions can't wait for the end of the development cycle. Companies often overlook the higher reaches of their pricing potential.

Basing prices on credible customer research and outlining potential business models in the early stages of the development cycle gives a solid basis to claim your true value.

Arto Ruokonen
Chief Customer Officer, MA, MBA

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